Weight Loss CoachinG

    Dr. Bowman is a brain scientist, with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach.   He will guide you to lose weight with the latest research on nutrition, exercise, and the brain. 


    Weight loss coaching with Dr. Bowman is highly effective because he uses scientifically proven methods to change the structure of your brain.  The unique type of mindfulness training he does will decrease your tendency toward emotional eating by giving you greater emotional control through shrinking your amygdala (the emotional part of your brain).  He will also teach you scientifically proven ways to grow neurons (brain cells) that will make your brain larger and more powerful, just as physical exercise makes your muscles more powerful.   A stronger brain will enable you to have greater self-control and improve your thoughts, feelings and actions.  You'll also learn simple, scientifically proven weight loss tricks, what you should and shouldn't eat, and how much exercise is really necessary for you, along with the most effective types of exercise for weight loss.

    Through coaching, accountability, and scientifically-proven brain building and weight loss techniques, you will get the body you want and become healthier and happier.  Contact Dr. Bowman today to start losing weight.


Dr. Daniel Bowman

1313 Alford Ave

Suite 201

Birmingham, Al 35226​

Tel/Text: 205-222-5399​


Dr. Bowman will answer any questions you have.  Contact him with questions by emailing, texting, or using the form provided for a first session.

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