• Daniel Bowman PhD

Controlling Your Thoughts

Thinking positively will lead to greater performance in everything you do.

But it takes work and intentionality to think positively. Research from people such as Drs. John Gottman and Barbara Fredrickson suggests it takes about five positive thoughts to overcome a single negative thought! Because negative thoughts are five times more powerful than positive ones, you have to have an intentional mindset, that cherishes and savors positive events and learns from but let's go of negative events (see my last blog on 4/2/19 about how to let go of mistakes). Letting go of negative thoughts is even more important than having positive thoughts, but a single positive thought can change your whole day and even your life.

To control your thinking, start your day off right with gratitude, mindfulness, prayer and a determination to look for the positives and minimize the negatives. Write down and remember things that make you happy and thankful, and avoid spending a lot of time with negative people. Whether you are trying to lose weight, be successful in your career, trade stocks, or perform at your best athletically, you must control your thoughts. Here is an excerpt from a recent talk to golfers and parents about controlling thoughts: