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Coaching Athletes & Executives to Peak Performances


About Daniel Bowman, Ph.D.

Daniel Bowman, Ph.D., has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and his career has focused on coaching athletes and executives to perform at their peak, as well as helping people reach a healthy body weight.  Dr. Bowman has been a mental conditioning coach for professional athletes, was the CEO of a weight loss program, and has coached numerous executives to be their best.  Dr. Bowman also coaches stock traders.  See his Twitter for numerous tips about trading psychology and sports psychology. 

Dr. Bowman taught sports psychology at Samford University for 11 years and has worked with over 30 college sports teams, providing elite athletes with the mental and nutritional edge they need to perform at their best. 

While in college and graduate school, Dr. Bowman developed a self-help program, called Self-Examination Therapy, which has been shown to be highly effective in 10 separate, published studies, in 3 different countries, with nearly 1000 study participants. Self-Examination Therapy is the most proven self-help program ever created




Coaching at Office

in Atlanta GA

In person coaching sessions for weight loss, athletes, & executives, adults and children, at Dr. Bowman's office. 

Coaching Via FaceTime/Phone

Dr. Bowman coaches athletes, executives, and weight loss clients throughout the United States and the world. 

Coaching Offsite

Dr. Bowman observes and coaches offsite locally and nationally. For example, he coaches on the golf course.

Team and Group Coaching

Dr. Bowman has worked with over 30 college teams and many companies.  He will travel to your school or workplace. 


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